14 thoughts on “[Celebrities exposed] Dustin Lance Black”

  1. Re. "Sex tapes always leak!"…But that doesn't mean you need to help spread the news. When one of our own has such a brilliant success, why not leave it to others to try to diminish it, or tear him down?. Cause you know they're gonna try.

    You just couldn't resist, could you?

  2. Anonymous, you sure are cranky. Mr. Black has much to be proud of – and I don't see anything in this post that either diminishes him, OR tears him down. In fact, from what I see, I like the guy even more! =)

    Get a grip. Get a life. And get a better attitude, too…

  3. Oh Please.I am glad to see the photos and I wish no harm too come to Black or his carrear as a writer or Celebrity.People who are savvy enough to find the pictures or videos of these Celebs are cool in my book.Don't shoot the messenger.Great looking guy nice dick.
    Burt Renoilds did a Centerfold back in the day.Some say it was air brushed.But people,excepted it.

  4. He's having bareback sex. THAT does put him in a certain corner as viewed by straights whose prejudices Mr. Black is fighting against.
    DLB pretty much stands for a pretty new group of gays who seems to become accepted by straights.

    You may not see this sort of impact, but the press and the general public sees it that way. I don't give a shit about them, though. But it is hard fighting for equality these days. And this 'scandal' does not support the legalization-issue.

    Moreover, the world now seems to be discussing the BB-part of these pics. I can't remember when anyone blamed Pam Anderson, Colin Farrell, and all these Celebs out there for having sex without rubber.

    However… Black really is cute as fuck :)

  5. – contradictory at best. First you chastise DLB for being in an 'oh-so-scandalous' sex tape, make a reference to bareback sex and then proclaim he is 'cute as fuck'. Which is it? As for the BB sex, I wouldn't necessarily take the image of a cock sans condom to mean DLB engaged in BB sex.

  6. I don't really think there's anything wrong with BB sex in the context of a monagamous relationship (or if two people are sexually exclusive). Going BB is a choice, and I see it as irresponsible if he's going out and fucking around without protection. The other guy here was his bf, so what's the big deal? It's like a complete double standard if people are going to chastise him for it, when just about every other heterosexual celebrity sex tape out there depicts couples having sex without protection.

    And as far as DLB being a role model and advocating for safe sex, I don't really think he did anything wrong, or that having BB sex in THESE set of photos is going to make him seem like a hypocrite. Yes, if you want to be promiscuous, use protection to keep yourself and your partners safe. However, don't forget that the OTHER way to have safe sex is to choose your partner wisely and have exclusive monogamous sex, which is what he's doing here. Sure, they've since separated, but I hardly see DLB as being irresponsible for having BB sex with his then boyfriend.

  7. Your site's crap !
    First, you contribute to ruin Black's life.
    Second, you used images from Perez Hilton's site but didn't link back to his
    Disgusting !

  8. Dustin was dating the guy… Sorry, but majority of the gay community tend to lose condoms when in a relationship. It's fairly normal and i don't think it should be "damaging" at all.

  9. Really not cool posting these pics.

    When are you going to move on & replace them with something a bit more interesting?

  10. Give the guy a break… he just want someone to visit his blog and it clearly worked… So one point for "welovenudes"! :D


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