Cody Cummings Is Back!

It was just year and a half ago that the legendary but controversial gay-for-pay superstar announced his retirement from pornography for good. But as the last year draw to a close, Cody returned back to what he does best – (no, it’s not sex actually) looking good on camera! Because no matter if you love him or more probably hate him, he’s still one of the hottest guys out there.

15 thoughts on “Cody Cummings Is Back!”

  1. Yeah, definitely hate him. Until he sucks a dick dry and REALLY takes it up the ass (no, make that takes two very large dicks up his ass — bareback), he is nothing but a fraud ripping off the Queer Community.

    Taken for granted? We get enough of that nonsense with Barack Obama and his Socialist Democrat party.

    Please, Cody, get lost … again. And, don’t bother to write.

  2. I came here to give my two cents on mister Cummings …… but I see I don’t have to, as curious_sixty_two has already stated my EXACT thoughts on mister Cummings. And then added an additional “exactness” as to what I think of Barry Soetoro as well!

    Thanks Mr. 62! Job well done! (said)

  3. But I have to add…….. no, he isn’t hot. His arrogance and hypocrisy are complete turn offs to his physical being. Nothing attractive about him, emotionally or physically. He could walk into my home and strip naked and say “Do with me as you wish.” and I would hand him his clothes, turn him around and boot his ass out the door he came in. Nope, nothing attractive about his hypocritical ugliness.

  4. Add me into the “no thanks” mix. And, no…he is NOT “one of the hottest guys out there.” He can re-retire and I would be just as happy, thankyouverymuch.

  5. This guy is a fake idiot, the worst is that everyone thinks are idiots. If he does not like being passive to let light in the videos, invez that he did sixes fakes. he is very weak actor, should retire.

  6. Any straight guy who is willing to pose nude or perform sexually knowing full well that the target audience are gay guys is A-O.K. in my opinion. They make the porn industry and internet a better place even if you aren’t getting everything you want from them. The vast majority of the planets population would sooner see us wiped out then do us some big favor. You can’t expect straight guys to push themselves beyond what they are willing to do and acting demanding or viciously critical about it just alienates them and makes us look like a bunch of bitchy queens.
    And yes Cody is smoking hot you blind idiots.


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