Travis Youth – GayHoopla’s Hottest Newcomer Yet?

Wow. scores a total stunner here. This 24-year-old ultra ripped SUPER stud Travis Youth is nothing short of perfection. 6’0″ (1.83m) tall, 195lbs (88kg) of pure muscle with 0% fat, piercing blue eyes and a smile that will stop you in your tracks… we are as awe struck as you. While his cock might not be that impressive under normal conditions, wait until it grows.. This guy is surely a grower, 8 inches (20cm) to be exact.
This suit wearing pretty boy has officially got it all. Come get to know this outgoing muscle jock at .

Who shows up to a solo jerk off shoot wearing a three piece suit? Mr. 007 himself of course…

3 thoughts on “Travis Youth – GayHoopla’s Hottest Newcomer Yet?”

  1. You gotta love a grower! That expansion to 8 inches is a joy to behold…and hold! Super hot, pretty guy with a gorgeous body. A true pleasure to look at! I do hope he likes to top!

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