Incredibly Hung Max Arion

Incredibly Hung Hunk Max Arion
Max Arion is an Australian born hunk with an incredible thick 9-inch uncut cock between his legs, and he knows how to use it. Matched with his puppy-dog good looks and manly gym body, it’s all of these alpha-male attributes that led Max into the world of gay porn as an exclusive model for .
I’ve always been sexually adventurous and comfortable in my own skin. I’ve been doing life modeling for photographers and artists for years. In that time I became more comfortable with more erotic ideas and expressing my sexual and creative side. Sex for me is an important part of my life that I enjoy sharing, so this seemed like a fun and adventurous next step.

“I was excited to have my industry debut with a company that’s content I enjoyed myself. The fact they have some of the sexiest men in gay porn and I’ll get to work with them, that’s the cherry on top.”

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  1. Handsome is not enough. Gorgeous is more like it!! Every inch of that sweet cock and every square inch of his body. Hands off, Marvin!

    • Too bad you’re gay? You have got to be kidding! Loving cock as much as I do is a blessing! A big fat cock up your ass from a guy who appreciates your efforts is so satisfying, you should try it some time!! It is bliss!! It is heaven!! Especially when your ass is filled with hot, gloopy cum! It is fucking wonderful!! The best feeling there is!!

  2. “too bad your (sic) gay”? Is that a political statement or a self-hating one? If the former, where did you get the info that this guy was a communitarian and what is wrong with that–different people, different strokes. If the latter, pity on you.

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